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"Grab Some Sculpty"
Pitch Holiday Guift Guide 2023

Art Direction, Sculpting, Editorial Layout Design

   For the Pitch Holiday Gift Guide 2023, I sculpted four figurines and used my expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to create a seamlessly complex yet joyful article and cover, all within a challenging 12-day timeframe.

  The Editorial team organized the Holiday Gift Guide as a list of cheeky KC character archetypes. (ex. "Gifts For: The Sensitive Boyfriend Type") They requested a "Rankin/Bass" style for this project using 16 of our own clay figures.
   I knew it would be something special if we committed completely to the over-the-top, syrupy holiday style and a meticulous schedule of production. So I started a spread sheet, grabbed the sculpty and got to work.

  See how the spread turned out below and check out my "Making Gremlins" zine to get a behind the scenes look at how I pulled this off!
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